GPS Fleet Tracking

Arm and track your vehicle or fleet with advanced mobile security solutions. 

Security Cameras

Video Evidence

Arm your vehicle with security cameras to provide video evidence of accidents and thefts. Also the security cameras can be hooked up to a monitor inside the cabin of the vehicle to assist in lane changes, blind spots, and cargo securement. 

Live View

Track and view vehicles live from your control station or mobile phone. Keep tabs on your employee's, cargo, and evaluate quality control.



Dash Cams

If you would like a tracking/video system in your vehicle that is compact and cost effective try our trusted dash cams. 

Compact Video Evidence

We carry compact and stylish dash cams that can be extremely helpful in cases of accidents, thefts, or any activity that occurs in the frame of the camera. HD video to capture details, and excellent night vision.

Advanced Solutions

We also carry dash cams for situations that require a 2 way view of the road and cabin, integrations within the rear view mirror, GPS tracking, recording even when parked and more! 

GPS Tracking


Live Tracking

Track your vehicles in live time. Generate a map to show the trail in which the vehicle has travelled with time stamps. 



Set Alerts

Get notified whenever a vehicle is speeding, high RPM, hard braking, after-hours use, restricted areas, etc.